Shop Fabrication and Services

The PCI facility in Manning, SC has a 100,000 square feet of prototype manufacturing and fabrication space.  PCI builds-to-print complex parts, complete assemblies and can perform required system testing and qualifications, if required.  We also specialize in the fabrication of piping system spools to help reduce field installation windows, saving our customers time and money. The large footprint enables us to work on multiple projects in parallel and our QA program allows us to perform all of your ASME and NBIC safety-related code work without full-time customer oversight.

The shop also includes an extensive training area with 15 individual weld booths and an orbital weld training area. Typical shop projects include: pipe spool fabrication, customized training mock-ups, field installation preparation and fabrication, specialty machining, welding system design and testing, ASME Section IX welder testing and project specific training and qualification.


The PCI Manufacturing Department is comprised of 10 full-time journeymen, machinists, assemblers and CNC operators, who all work under the direction of the department manager. There is a total of 50,000 square feet of floor space allocated for the equipment and assembly. When required to meet expedited deadlines, a two-shift schedule is worked to increase production.

PCI’s Fabrication Facility, Manning SC