Field Machining

Whether it’s a split frame to sever and prep pipe, intricate high accuracy field machining milling, drilling, stud removal, line boring, valve seat machining or EDM applications, PCI can provide personnel and equipment to meet your field machining needs including;

Pipe Cutting and Beveling

PCI offers pipe cutting and beveling Services to remove piping, valves, pumps and other components and to perform weld end preparation machining required for re-installation of the new or repaired component. Our capabilities range from severing and machining pipe to performing complex machining geometries using our patented computerized numerically controlled (CNC) pipe machining technology, known in the industry as the Omega.

We have the level of experience to handle basic pipe replacement or re-routing Services to more complex component replacement which may require the integration of high accuracy surveying, 3-D modeling, component templating, CNC machining and laser alignment of machining equipment to address the most complex and high accuracy field machining application.

Large Diameter Vessel Cutting

Large Diameter Vessel Machining

Steam Generator Nozzle CNC Machining Completed Channel Head

Multiple Pipes Being Machined by CNC Machining

CNC Machining of Main Steam Piping

Pipe Cutting and Machining Equipment:

  • Split frame outside diameter (OD) machines from 4” to 120”.
  • Inside prep tools from 1.25” to 70”.
  • OD mount flange facers 0 to 120”
  • Inside diameter (ID) mount flange facers 2” to 70”
  • Special designed equipment when needed
  • CNC pipe end machining 12” to 70”


Component Base Plate Milling “Laser Aligner”

Typical milling applications consists of machining multiple pump or motor bases flat and level, machining warped turbine casings, milling tank and vessel support pads level, etc.. This may be done on varying direction and position using one, two or three axes portable milling tables with various cutter head designs and set-up fixtures. Our capabilities cover a wide variety of different operations and machines, on scales from small individual parts to heavy milling operations. We can also incorporate our metrology capabilities by aligning the milling table using laser technology for exact location and levelness as required for each milling application.

Milling Equipment:
  • Field milling tables are available up to 10’ in length
  • Cross slide up to 5’ in length
  • Z axis travel up to 2’ in length
  • CNC control available upon request





Drilling / Stud Removal Repair

Stuck studs are a major problem during turnarounds or maintenance outages. PCI has developed stud removal and repair processes that can be rapidly applied in the field. Stud removal can be achieved using several processes including: drilling, boring or mechanical discharge machining (MDM) for extremely hard stud material. The stuck stud or bolt is typically machined to the minor diameter and remaining stud remnant is picked from the stud hole and the thread chased and cleaned as required. If major thread damage occurred during the initial removal effort the stud can be bored out and tapped to the next size, bored out and a stud insert installed or the hole can be re-welded and machined back to the original specifications.
In addition to stud removal PCI offers basic drilling and tapping capabilities for applications such as layout and drilling of new bolt holes for a new pump, motor, valve embed hole drilling and tapping, etc.

Removal of Stuck Stud

Stud Hole Welding Repair

Flange Facing

Larger Diameter Flange Facing

Leaking flanges, manways, maintenance and hand hole covers is a problem for high pressure vessels, hazardous material holding tanks, flanged valve connections, and other components that have flanges or acPCIs cover surfaPCI that periodically need repair. PCI has the capability to resurface and repair if required the flange surface to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications including phonographic finish with surface up to 32 RMS.





Valve Body Boring Bar Machining

PCI offers a wide variety of boring application and experience. We have the capabilities whether you need line boring to resurface a bearing housing or removal of a valve seat for repair or replacement. We can bore pumps and valves up to 70 inches in diameter.



Valve Repair and Replacement

PCI utilizes a variety of specialized portable boring bars, flange facers, end prep tools, drilling, MDM and EDM, milling, grinding and welding equipment to accomplish a full line of in-line repairs on valve bodies, studs, seats, guides, and flanges for valve repair in any industrial environments.

While removable valve parts such as gates, poppets, bonnets, and operators can be repaired in the field, it is frequently more cost effective and quicker to have these parts repaired in a traditional machine shop or valve repair facility with stationary equipment. Our machine shop in Rock Hill, SC can perform most repairs on removable valve parts.

Field Machining Center (FMC) Mobile Machine Shop

In addition to stand-alone machining projects, PCI can provide a stand-alone Field Machining Center (FMC). The FMC is a 40’ trailer that can be located at your site to provide portable, manned machine shop capability including:

  • 15’ Lathe
  • (2) Bridgeport Milling Machines
  • Drill Press
  • Surface Grinder
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Band Saw
  • Welding Equipment

Advanced Machining Methods

PCI also offers Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) and Metal Disintegration Machining (MDM) advanced machining technologies. These machining capabilities have been used in both hands-on and remotely-operated applications.

EDM is a process that utilizes electrical discharges, or sparks, to machine any electrically conductive work material, including but not limited to, carbide, high alloy steels, and hardened metals of many types. With the EDM process any required configuration can be machined, square or rectangle holes, oval opening, broken tap removal, boat samples etc.. EDM is ideal for material sample applications requiring precise toleranPCI and/or surface finishes, and also for one-of-a-kind applications.

MDM is a spark erosion process used for destructive cutting. Typical applications include broken tool extraction (taps, drills, reamers), metallurgical sample excavation, and stud removal.

Pipe Branch Inside Nozzle Modification using EDM Technology

Decommissioning Solutions


Shrink Off Radiation of Core Barrel Underwater

PCI Energy Services has participated plant decommissioning of reactor vessel internals in the United States. From the publicized U.S. reactor defueling project at Three Mile Island to the decommissioning at San Onofre (SONGS U1), PCI has been the company looked to for the expertise to segregate and segment the reactor vessel internals for proper disposal. At Three Mile Island, PCI removed the Lower Core Support Assembly (LCSA) from the damaged reactor vessel and took metallurgical boat samples from the reactor vessel bottom.

The removal and segmentation of reactor vessel internals in decommissioning projects at Fort St. Vrain, Shoreham, Yankee Rowe, Connecticut Yankee, and San Onofre involved specially designed equipment and custom field programs to simplify characterization, waste handling and packaging. PCI’s technological expertise and leadership in Reactor Vessel Internals Segmentation continues to grow through “Lessons Learned” and implementation of these lessons into refined processes in each succeeding decommissioning project.

Multi Axis Decommissioning Bridge

PCI Designed 6 Axis Plasma Arc Cutting Station

Core Barrel Segmentation Table